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Restaurant Quality Food at Your Event – How Do We Do It?
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When Good Food Catering Company was founded over 7 years ago, we were the first in the Tampa Bay and Lakeland region to bring the restaurant experience to your event.  Instead of cooking food at a central commissary and transporting it hot and ready, we chose to invest in the equipment and skilled culinary staff to cook food onsite for your event, wedding or party.  Gone are the days of dried out beef, rubber chicken and heavy sauces made to mask the lack of quality in your food.  We deliver fresh food, cooked right before your guests are ready to dine.

How do we do it?  In essence, we pack trucks full of equipment, then set up a miniature restaurant at your event site.  Our culinary staff arrives with all of the refrigerated food and begins to cook using specialized commercial field kitchen equipment – ovens, flat tops, propane burners and grills.

We can set up in a driveway, in a field under a tent or sometimes in the loading dock of a large venue.  As caterers, we do not rely on venues and locations that have kitchens.  We specialize and thrive in working in places that may be a challenge to others.  Want a sneak peak?  Here are some behind the scenes photos of our packing process and our field kitchen setups that allow us to cook onsite.

Looking for restaurant quality food at your event, wedding or party in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Dade City, Lakeland or Sarasota?  Give us a call to talk further.


Cold food being loaded out for an event



Box truck being loaded with kitchen equipment



Larger jobs? More Ovens!



A typical field kitchen setup. This one is at The Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota.



Field kitchen at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota



What happens when it rains? We get creative. This snapshot was taken during a torrential downpour while we cooked outdoors at the Mirror Lake Lyceum in St. Pete.


Top 14 Catering Snapshots of 2014
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Based on the popularity of iPhone snapshots and the up and coming food culture, it’s evident that looking at food is nearly as fun as eating food.  We love food photography and snapshots, so below is a re-cap of some of our favorite Tampa Bay catering snapshots from Good Food Catering Company.  All of these were taken by iPhone and none are professionally styled.



 A platter of our Pork Belly Banh Mi Tacos


Duet plate with our signature Braised Beef Short Rib along with a Pan Sauteed Jumbo Lump Crab Cake


Oysters were always a hit this year at our corporate events and weddings.  Here are some fresh shucked Apalachicola Oysters



Sometimes we execute events in the smallest of spaces.  Here is a behind the scenes shot and three of our chefs plating up appetizers for a party of 200.  Our “kitchen” was a small office!



One of our newest starters this year was a Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake topped with a Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad.



A quick shot of a couple of our plates set up for a tasting at our office.  Braised Beef Short Rib, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Pan Roasted Chicken Breast with Lemon, Leek and Artichoke Coulis



Sweet Chili Glazed Seafood Skewers, featured at one of our industry-only “Tapas Tuesday” lunches



A classic shot of a cheese and charcuterie plate, complete with roasted artichokes and southern style pimento cheese



A behind-the-scenes shot of what happens at a typical photo shoot.  This was a photo shoot of duet entree plates with Marc Edwards (http://mephotographs.com)


Who doesn’t love bacon?  And Brussels Sprouts?  Here we’ve combined the two for our now popular appetizer bite, finished off with a lemon caper aioli.



IMG_3499Several years ago we custom developed and blended seasonings for Mira Bay in Apollo Beach.  They use it as a marketing tool and the residents and prospective residents love it so much that we blended another batch this year




Our most popular new appetizer bite of 2014 – Roasted Tomato Tartare in a Basil Pesto Cone, with a Parmesan Creme Fraiche



Our roasted tomato tartare was so popular, we used it to create a flatbread!


Thai Sweet Chili Shrimp Mini Martini (photo by Keri Spencer, a Good Food team member)

Top 7 Catering Food Trends for 2015 – Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Lakeland
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In the Tampa Bay Catering food scene, we aim to be trend setters, not followers.  As a small locally owned catering company, we cater over 100 full service events annually and speak with hosts and guests about what they love and what they want.  Based on our future booked events and weddings and the conversations we have daily, we’ve compiled our top 7 food trends that we foresee this year for the Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Lakeland catering  markets.  Enjoy!

Popularity of lesser known cuts of meat – Teres Major (our bistro steak) is our pick for the best cut of beef in 2015. It’s tender with a deep beef flavor that is perfect for marinating and grilling. We marinate our bistro steak for 24 hours, season, mark on a hot grill and then finish by roasting in the oven until medium rare. When sliced, it’s a heavenly cut that pairs perfectly with our cilantro chimichurri or stands great on it’s own.


Grilled Bistro Steak


Late night wedding snacks with personality – we’ve found that a guests’ culinary experience at your wedding can be a direct reflection on you and your personality.   Late night snacks have gained in popularity over the past couple of years in Tampa Bay weddings, but this is the year that they will explode with character.   Food items customized and specifically tailored to the couple will be the year’s hottest ticket.


A customized bride and groom late night snack station


New and Upscale Southern Food – In the past, Southern food might have earned a reputation for being hearty, simple and cheap.  We’ve taken our love for grits to the next level and infused them with mascarpone cheese and just the right amount of cream and butter to make a heavenly accompaniment to slow smoked pork shoulder or lamb chops drizzled with a cabernet wine reduction.

IMG_2516 Braised Beef Short Rib and Mahi Mahi with an Andouille Cream Sauce, paired with Fresh Roasted Asparagus and Mascarpone Cheese Grits  tampa catering

Braised Beef Short Rib and Mahi Mahi with an Andouille Cream Sauce, paired with Fresh Roasted Asparagus and Mascarpone Cheese Grits


Asian Street Food – One of our most popular new food stations is our Asian street food station, complete with action station chefs preparing favorites like lobster fried rice, pork belly fried rice, green curry ramen noodles or our fun Floribbean fusion fried rice.  We’ve had the popular Pad Thai action station since 2008, but have recently seen a growth in interest in other styles of Asian street food, which helped us expand the possibilities and ideas.

IMG_2112 Pork Belly Fried Rice Tampa Catering

Pork Belly Fried Rice


Healthier and Lighter Dining – whether it is a corporate cocktail party or a wedding reception, we have found recently that hosts are becoming more and more health concious and aware that lighter eating is a trend on the rise.  Based on our booked events for this year, we see healthy and light options appearing on menus at many of our events.   Dishes like Roasted Vegetable Quinoa, Grilled Sweet Chili Seafood Skewers, Fava (or Lima) Beans, and Grilled Lean Beef with Romesco, fresh green salads and brussels sprouts are all making appearances this coming year.

Food that tastes great!

Food that tastes great!


Chef Composed Dishes and Action Stations (no more guest DIY)- our culinary focused action stations have the overall guest experience in mind.  Gone are the days of “create your own” pasta or salad bars; your guests deserve a night off from the kitchen!  Instead, we feel that designing several upscale composed dishes gives the guest the culinary experience of a top notch restaurant menu and less worry about getting it right.

Our "Fire and Ice" Culinary Action Station

Our “Fire and Ice” Culinary Action Station


More substance, less style – food is meant to be enjoyed and savored. If it tastes good, then it is good. We’ve found that many of our clients and guests are coming around to enjoying great food without the pretentiousness or show. Technique and flavor in food will shine, as diners have realized that flavor is more important than a pretty plate with unneeded garnish or flowers.

A trio of three tasty, yet simple dishes - Pan Seared Grouper with Mint Gremolata, Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Corn Salsa and Queso Grits, Grilled Flatiron Steak with Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes.

A trio of three tasty, yet simple dishes – Pan Seared Grouper with Mint Gremolata over Black Rice, Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Corn Salsa and Queso Grits, Grilled Flatiron Steak with Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes.


Real Wedding: Southern Chic, Hot Pink, Powel Crosley Estate Catering in Sarasota
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This wedding was romantic and fun filled. It was decorated in a vintage type fashion with the stunning view that the Powel Crosley offered.

Cat Pennenga Photography

Top Ten Things We loved about Lauren and Rob’s Wedding

  • Lauren’s purple pumps
  • Amazing farm tables by Wish Vintage Rentals
  • Adorable jars of jam for escort card and favor
  • Who needs matching chairs?!
  • Comfy green couch
  • Menu on the mirror
  • Delicious food
  • Awesome view
  • Vintage feel
  • DIY crafts and designs

Cat Pennenga Photography Cat Pennenga Photography Cat Pennenga Photography



Event Coordinator: Ashton Events, Venue: Powel Crosley Estate, Photographer: Cat Pennenga Photography, Florals: Beneva Florist, DJ: Scratch Weddings, Cake: Cakes by Ron, Makeup: Eri Vivcent Makeup, Linens: Connie Duglin Linens, Table and Chair Rentals: Wish Vintage Rentals, Cocktail Hour Tables/Chair and Tent Rental: US Tent Rental, Ceremony Music: Bella Musica, Transportation: Executive Limousine, Hair: Ana Molinari Salon

A Short History of Good Food
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Good Food Catering Company has been a premier catering company in Tampa Bay since 2008 – that’s when founder Kevin Lacassin decided to leave his job in sales and dedicate himself full time to  the foodservice industry.

“People thought I was crazy,” said Kevin, “they couldn’t understand my vision.”

Historically, catering has consisted of preparing food in an off-site kitchen, storing the food in hot boxes and serving it several hours later. Kevin’s mission was to create a catering company that served restaurant quality food – which included cooking it in fresh.

When Good Food caters an event – we completely set up and break down a portable field kitchen for each event. Mashed potatoes are cooked on-site, grits are made from scratch, and all of our appetizers are fired-off fresh. Our food is never soggy or dry because it goes straight from the oven to the guest’s plate.

In addition to setting up a portable kitchen at the venue, Good Food can bring the kitchen right into the dining room with our “Live” Culinary Stations. A Live Culinary Station consists of a chef cooking food fresh on the station with service staff to take care of the guests. Some of our most popular Live stations include our Gourmet Mac & Cheese station, the Floribbean Surf & Turf Saute, and the Fire and Ice Bruschetta Station that was featured earlier this year in Catering Magazine.

Developing a catering company that features a portable restaurant was no easy feat. It took a lot of planning and preparation, “You should have heard me on the phone back in 2008,” said Kevin, “restaurant suppliers couldn’t understand that I wanted a convection oven on wheels that could run on propane tanks.” Six years later, Good Food has proven to be a market leader in the catering industry. . We fresh every day at each event; our ovens, grills, and chefs are always on the move. We have everything needed to make your event memorable and we are known for our gourmet menu and dedication to quality preparation. When you hire Good Food, you are essentially borrowing your favorite restaurant for the night.

Our mission is to be known as the premier catering company for events, weddings and parties in the Tampa Bay region.  You don’t want the second best menu at your event – you want Good Food Catering Company.


Good Food Catering Company was established to provide superior culinary experiences for events, weddings and celebrations in the Tampa Bay Region.